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This FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) provides comprehensive information about Unlimited Design International, Inc. (UDI) and how we do business.  The FAQ is intended for our clients and our potential clients who may not know how we operate, or what an engineering and technical services company really does.  If you have any further questions, please contact us.

What is Unlimited Design International, Inc.?
Unlimited Design International, Inc. is a company that provided engineering and technical services. We are not a placement agency. Our main function is performing engineering and design work, which provides our clients the ability to expand and supplement their own in-house engineering capabilities without hiring additional staff or purchasing expensive equipment. In addition to providing engineering services Unlimited Design International, Inc. offers various diesel fuel injection equipment from two major Italian manufactures along with customer product assembly capabilities.
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Why was Unlimited Design International, Inc. created?
Ronald J. Duda recognized the need for a engineering and technical service company in Western Massachusetts, and he started Unlimited Design International, Inc. Since then, Unlimited Design International, Inc. has grown into a multidisciplined company, serving many different industries and companies nationally with products and services.

UDI is committed to providing our clients with dependable engineering, exceptional customer service, and true economic value. It is our personal objective to continually exceed our customers' expectations.
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Who works at Unlimited Design International, Inc.?
We have a diverse staff of mechanical engineers, designers, drafters, and support personnel.
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Who needs to use Unlimited Design International, Inc.?
Unlimited Design International, Inc. was created to provide engineering and technical services to industrial and technology companies. Here are a few of the reasons to choose UDI:

  • You DO have an in-house engineering staff, but your business is growing so quickly, your staffing has not kept up with your engineering needs.
  • You DO have an in-house engineering staff, but you need some extra help due to seasonal work load fluctuations, unexpected customer needs, or accelerated projects.
  • You DO have an in-house engineering staff, but you need special engineering expertise to supplement your staff's knowledge.
  • You DO NOT have an in-house engineering staff, and you need engineering expertise for a special project.
  • You DO NOT have an in-house engineering staff, and you need an engineering company to fulfill all of your engineering needs.
  • You have an idea for a new product design, and you need an engineering company to help you develop and design the product.
  • You need to convert paper drawing to CAD drawing at a reasonable cost.
  • You need quality diesel fuel injection equipment at competitive price.
By using Unlimited Design International, Inc., you can expand and enhance your engineering capabilities without hiring new full-time staff, or using placement agencies for temporary hires.
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How does Unlimited Design International, Inc. work?
We perform the all of our design and engineering work at our current facility, rather than at our customers' sites. Working at our own facility allows us to concentrate fully on our customers' work in a familiar environment, without the distractions that sometimes arise from working in an unfamiliar office with unfamiliar equipment. Working at our own facility benefits our customers, because they do not need to provide space, equipment, and support staff for our employees. We are in constant contact with our customers to review the progress and will schedule design review meetings.

If you are interested in hiring UDI, call, fax or email us. You can mail project details for quote, if required will arrange a meeting for a review of your needs and a detailed discussion of the project. We use the information we gather at the meeting to create the scope and requirements for the project, and to prepare a cost estimate. We work closely with our customers to monitor and track progress and scope changes, to ensure that all jobs are completed on time and on budget.

UDI's President monitors all projects. The assigned Design engineer's responsibility to communicate with the customer's designated contact for every job. UDI also assigns other personnel to each project as necessary.

We work with your company's formats, numbering conventions, design standards and specifications. Our goal is to integrate our work seamlessly into your data management systems.
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What tools does Unlimited Design International, Inc. use?
We use SolidWorks or Pro-E for solid modeling and visualization.

While some technologies like 3D modeling are very efficient and helpful, we realize they are tools, and are not necessary for every job.

When it requested by our customer for FEA analysis UDI will use CosmosWorks for structural and thermal FEA, along with GeoStar for pre and post.

In addition to 2D CAD and 3D CAD we still make sketches and do analysis the old fashioned way by hand. There is no substitute for sound engineering principles and experience.

We are continually upgrading and updating our software and other tools as technology and our customer's needs change.
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What services does Unlimited Design International, Inc. offer?
We provide a wide range of engineering, technical and product related services. They include:
Engineering Services          Technical Services
  • Engineering Consulting
  • Concept to Finished Part
  • 3D Assemblies and Components
  • Design Analysis
  • Redrafting of Paper Drawings to CAD
  • Prototype Product Part Design
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Assembly of Customer Products
  • and/or Build to Print
  • Fabrication of Prototype Hardware
  • Low volume Specialty Product Build/Assembly
  • Component Part Supply Capability
We will provide each customer the appropriate level of services necessary to fulfill their needs. We work on projects whose scopes range from CAD conversion only to complete product design.

Our Services pages have very detailed information on the services we offer. Our Product pages have very detailed information on the products we offer. However, if you do not find exactly what you are looking for there, call, fax or email us. If you have an engineering problem, we will help you solve it.
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What type of confidentiality agreements does Unlimited Design International, Inc. have?
UDI has a very strict privacy policy tailored to the requirements of each customer.
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