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Firad ProductsUnlimited Design International, Inc. is an authorized US Agent of F.I.R.A.D. S.p.A. We now offer high quality diesel fuel injection nozzles for applications from passenger cars, small marines engines to  truck engines.

Firad products Also special engine applications are also considered. Elements and delivery valves suitable for a wide range of diesel fuel injection pumps are also available. Unlimited Design International will work with its clients on new and current products needs that F.I.R.A.D. S.p.A. can supply.

The photos shown are of the products that Unlimited Design International can offer to its customers highlighting  F.I.R.A.D. S.p.A. manufacturing facility that is located in Bagnolo Piemonte, Italy.

Firad products
Firad products Firad products

Key Benefits

  • Over 30 years of fuel injection component manufacturing experience
  • State of the art manufacturing equipment 
  • Recognized Globally for their quality products
  • ISO 9001 Certified Company

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